Our Services

Dry Cleaning

We use dry cleaning solvent to clean the surface of materials which does not penetrate the fiber as water does in a washing machine. It also prevents stretching and shrinking.

Wash & Fold

We have a wash and fold service where by we will simply wash, dry, iron (if needed), and fold your clothes.


We have various machines for ironing, pressing, and steaming to repair unwanted wrinkles and creases

Bulk Laundry Services

We have bulk laundry services to provide you with our services for various items and in large quantities.

About Us

Your #1 dry cleaning and laundry choice!

With years of experience in the dry cleaning and laundry business. We will meet your expectations and satisfy your needs.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Admas are always a pleasure to work with.”

Nkotanyi Richard


Whether you’re curious about pricing, items, or even deliver, we’re here to answer any questions.