about us

Our mission at Admas is to provide exceptional dry cleaning services to our customers while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering high-quality results, personalized service, and competitive pricing.

Our Mission

Provide professional and courteous service to our customers, treating them with respect and ensuring their satisfaction with every interaction.

Our Values

Maintain a proactive approach to sustainability and promote the importance of conservation to our customers.

Why Admas?

Our mission is not only to provide excellent and reliable dry cleaning services but also to promote and encourage a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to the industry.

To achieve our Mission we utilize the latest technologies and environmentally friendly cleaning methods to ensure that our services are safe and effective.

5 Star Rating

Dedicated Support

8 Years Experience

Computerized Machines

“Admas has an amazing team of hard-working professionals. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

Musasizi Jolly