Laundry Services

We offer a convenient and time-saving way to get your laundry cleaned. We offer pickup and delivery options, making it easier for busy individuals to keep up with their laundry without having to spend time washing and folding clothes themselves.
With wash and fold services, you simply drop off your clothes at any of our branches and our staff will take care of the rest. We will sort your clothes by color and fabric, and then wash and dry them in commercial-size machines. Once the laundry is done, our staff will fold or hang your clothes and package them for pickup or delivery.

Bulk laundry is a convenient and cost-effective way to clean a large quantity of clothing or textiles at once. It is commonly used by hotels, hospitals, and other businesses that require frequent laundering of linens and uniforms. At home, bulk laundry can be useful for families with a large volume of laundry to wash, such as those with children or active lifestyles.